Our Story


    I’ve always loved denim.     

    I’m inspired by the way it behaves like a modern canvas- a living, evolving travel log of sorts.  

    Nearly everyone has a beloved pair, well worn, inextricably associated with past revelries and places explored. These pieces become entangled with life’s most unforgettable adventures, mischief, love and dreams. The quality of the fabric, the fit of the jeans themselves- they become as familiar and known to us as a dear friend.

    I still remember the jeans I spent nearly all of 1998 in; non-stretch, super fitted, with just the right amount of worn-in destruction. The vivid recollection of those jeans- of that year- of the magic and fun that an article of clothing is capable of conjuring- that is what McGuire is all about. Every McGuire garment is designed with the philosophy that life is all about the voyage- we want to create the jeans that make your memories. 

    For me, McGuire- the name itself- is something I hold very close to my heart. The very concept and heartbeat of McGuire springs from the romance, craftsmanship, and detailing of traditional American workwear. I mulled over many names when McGuire was still in a conceptual stage, trying each on to see if it captured the feeling of what I was creating. 

    One day, I received a call from my stepdad. He was always one of my most loyal supporters; he was also courageously fighting a losing battle with cancer. An avid traveler, he’d read travel journals and articles during his treatments; at a difficult and unsure time, the idea of travel would literally allow him a freedom that his health could no longer sustain.

    In one article, he stumbled upon a place called the McGuire Inn- and told me that he’d found a name befitting the spirit of the company I was creating. And thus, McGuire Denim was born!

    McGuire’s mission is to create timeless, beautifully designed silhouettes that combine both style and utility. With an eye toward elegant craftsmanship, and with the spirit of adventure in every stitch, each McGuire garment strives to honor the fearless pursuit of that which makes us feel alive. That is what McGuire means to me; and I hope you too will feel that spirit come alive in every piece we create!


    From McGuire with love,





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